how to mount linux ext2 ext3 ext4 partition on windows 8

ext2 volume manager it’s your program …. but … it’s not so straight forward as one could think  so ….

first of all you need to download it and execute it :

select your hardisk , for example this one

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and modify the settings for this partition setting automount and the letter you want to use i used E for the linux partiton   NOW LOG OUT OR REBOOT

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SO NOW YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT THE LINUX PARTITION ON YOUR WINDOWS (note i have not used the N letter for the linux partition but the E

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grab music HQ from spotify using vlc jack and pulseaudio

in this article i was just testing jack pulse vlc and spotify together to test how audio stream can be re-indirect  using these tools. so this is only a test , and illegal stuff it’s on your shoulder. i have tested this for fun.


sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-jack qjackctl

after that you need to restart pulseaudio

sudo service pulseaudio restart

if you have not service then just do this …

pkill -9 pulseaudio && pulseaudio &

ok now you have what you need to run jack flash pulseaudio together.




you should see something like this, click to CONNECT TO SEE THE SECOND WINDOW, if there are no connections then do by yourself … spotifygrabaudiohq make sure like you can see in this picture that spotify has set to jack sink in the audio , like you can see i use veromix instead of the classical kmixer … in this test i have tried mp3 codec with 128kbit like bitrate if you want better stuff just try other codecs and bitrate

cd /tmp ; cvlc  pulse://jack_in --sout "#transcode{acodec=m,ab=128,channels=2, samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=mp3,dst=nowardev.mp3}}}"

in this example i used flac instead of mp3

cd /tmp ; cvlc  pulse://jack_in --sout "#transcode{acodec=flac,quality=100,channels=2, samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=flac,dst=nowardev.flac}}}"

you can even put this function in your $HOME/.bashrc in this way :

cvlc  pulse://jack_in --sout "#transcode{acodec=m,ab=128,channels=2, samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=mp3,dst=nowardev.mp3}}}"

cd /tmp ; cvlc --jack-input-auto-connect screen:// --screen-fps=25 --input-slave pulse://jack_in --sout "#transcode{venc=x264,quality:100,scale=1,fps=30,acodec=mp3,ab=128,channels=2, samplerate=44100}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=mp4,dst=nowardev.mp4}}}"


after that , to load these function in your current session

source $HOME/.bashrc 

so now just type jack_grab_a and you will get the audio recorded where you prefer and into your quality ….

ffmpeg configure help

this is my script made with awk that helps me to write down the configuration it requires a lots of libraries

./configure --prefix=/usr/local   $(./configure --help|sort -r | awk  '/enable/{ print $1} END{printf "\n"}' | awk  '!/[A-Z]/ && !/avisynth/ && !/shared/ && !/poison/ && !/incompa/ && !/random/ && !/test/ && !/cross-compile/ && !/memalign-hack/ &&!/deck/ && !/libiec/ && !/libaacplus/ && !/libcelt/ && !/libflite/ && !/libilbc/ && !/libnut/ && !/opencv/ && !/shine/ && !/libstagefright/ && !/utvideo/ && !/vidstab/ && !/x265/ && !/libxavs/ && !/opencl/ && !/-rpath/ && !/ftrapv/ && !/hardcoded/ && !/major/ && !/libfdk-aac/ && !/opengl/ && !/enable-pic/ && !/enable-lto/ && !/small/ && !/gray/{print }'|awk -v ORS=" " '{print $1} END {printf "\n"}')

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