Change server mirror apt kde

Just in case you GET A FUCKIN CRASH ON DISCOVER THING , WHICH IS A PIECE OF SHIT Change server for apt

just do

sudo software-properties-kde

If you want the apt service menu which has this fuckin shit in the menu

youy will get this Lansharefiles_20180825_112512.jpeg

and so


set the default printer by command line kde linux

lpstat -p -d | awk '/printer/{print $2}'

then for example

echo "Officejet-4500-G510g-m" > ~/.cups/lpoptions

google drive kde kubuntu neon

do want manage your google drive files with dolphin ?

install this :

sudo apt-get install kio-gdrive

then just open dolphin—-> network folders —> Google drive and add your account

if for some reason you can’t find it just launch this :

kioclient5 exec gdrive:/

and now you can manage your files 😀