merge images to one pdf

Well i use this a lots after i scanned images with my other script, for office purpose and i created a function for bashrc file
guess what is it? well just put this shit here on your HIDDEN FILE ~/.bashrc
AFTER THAT DO source ~/.bashrc



if [[  -z  "$testvariable"    ]] ; then
echo "you did not specify an outname please use merge_jpeg_to_pdf OUTNAME $testvariable "

filecontent=($( ls "$PWD"| grep jpeg| sort -V))
echo "convert "${filecontent[@]}"  "$PWD/$1".pdf"
convert "${filecontent[@]}"  "$PWD/$1".pdf



NOW YOU CAND do merge_jpeg_to_pdf MYOUTNAME and it will give you a fuckin pdf file for EACH FILE WHICH IS A JPEG FILE , IF YOU NEED ANOTHER FORMAT TO GREP well just edit this line filecontent=($( ls “$PWD”| grep jpeg| sort -V))

“convert-im6.q16: not authorized” kubuntu pdf imagemagick convert shit error


convert can’t convert wth is this a joke ?! i was converting jpeg file into a pdf and i got this shit :

convert-im6.q16: not authorized

now convert can’t handle this due to this shit here : /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml

well need to replace rights=”none” TO rights=”read|write” on PDF …

here it is Lansharefiles_20181106_224908

Change server mirror apt kde

Just in case you GET A FUCKIN CRASH ON DISCOVER THING , WHICH IS A PIECE OF SHIT Change server for apt

just do

sudo software-properties-kde

If you want the apt service menu which has this fuckin shit in the menu

youy will get this Lansharefiles_20180825_112512.jpeg

and so