BASH: How to check if your router has a door open

You want to check if your router has correctly open a door ?

k dude here we go

the fist get your ip from internet
the second command uses NMAP , sudo apt-get install nmap

it checks a range of port UDP and TCP from 20000 to 20001
brainless should not try this at home😀 but with UDP THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS CODE SO SEE THE NEXT

ip=$(dig +short; nmap -p U:20000-20001,T:20000-20001 $ip 


 ip=$(dig +short; nmap -T5 -A -p 20000 -sU $ip

Connect GOPRO 4 session to LINUX KUBUNTU with WIFI and watch \ download video and photos

Turn on the wifi in your gopro 4 session
connect with kubuntu like it was a normal wifi (need to reset the password ? just connect with the your smartphone to your gopro go in settings wrench icon and finally on info camera here you can change name and password.)
open the browser at this link

welcome into your gopro drive via wifi

need to save the file ? right click and save the link as:) or just see the file😀

usefull stuff , you can’t connect correctly with usb cable? it can not be mount ? probably you need this

sudo apt-get -y install exfat-utils exfat-fuse


ANDROID sony z3 compact microphone problem

sometime i start a conversation with my sony z3 compact and people can’t hear me

but the microphone works … so what is this shit ?

first of all , you need to test the microphone for example with a audio recorder so if it doesn’t work i guess you should send back to customer service.

if it works

there is this trick , DISABLE THE OPTION OK GOOGLE it seems that it’s this option that makes busy your microphone and so it doesn’t work when you are using your cellphone
(SETTINGS GOOGLE==>“Search & Now”==>“Voice,”==>“‘Ok Google’ detection”)
another trick if you don’t want disable ok google function :

start the call , then turn on the speakerphone , then turn off the speakerphone and your mic should work.


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