TomTom And TomPlayer

Create a BACKUP of your  tomtom FLASH card

TomTom is linux …. so Mplayer is working right now … on tomtom one

  1. Download this
  2. Extract somewhere and go in the folder just created and you will see a “ttsystem file ” you have to RENAME the file ttsystem because in the root of your tomtom there also a ttsystem file and if you replace the orginal file with this one your tomtom will become only a simple video audio player.
  3. then copy  every file on the root of your tomtom’s flash card
  4. then restart your Tomtom (with the flash card inside …) You could note your tomtom is a bit slower on booting …. Wait a while …
  5. GO in the last page of your tomtom and click on TomPlayer Icon as you can see in the picture above

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