Arora kubuntu 9.04

sudo apt-get install build-essential git-core && sudo apt-get build-dep arora

git clone git://

** if you have NOT dual core replace make -j3 with make

cd arora && qmake “CONFIG-=debug” -r && make -j3

** EDIT: get errors on kubuntu? try this

cd arora && qmake-qt4 “CONFIG-=debug” -r && make -j3

try arora with this:


if it’s working good ———>

** you can use checkinstall instead of make install.. (it builds a .deb )

sudo make install


3 Responses to Arora kubuntu 9.04

  1. maxfact says:

    Hello,your blog is very interesting
    excuse for my english but i italian

    To update the version from git like this possible?

  2. nowardev says:

    on the folder where you have downloaded arora:

    git pull

  3. maxfact says:


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