Kwave 0.8.3-2 Kubuntu 9.04 sound editor


This is my way to compile kwave on kubuntu 9.04

sudo apt-get build-dep kwave

then install extra packages… just because who has made the stuff has forgotten this:

sudo apt-get install libsamplerate0-dev libasound2-dev libfftw3-dev

now download the latest svn (your should install subversion to use this command line…)

svn co kwave

now you should see a kwave folder in your HOME…. if you see that folder type this

cd $HOME/kwave && mkdir $HOME/kwave/kwave-build && cd kwave-build

and then (the first configure the stuff…and it should not show errors…if you see errors stop it…)

cmake .. && make

install Kwave on your system…


sudo make install

** you could create your own deb package with checkinstall … (sudo apt-get install checkinstal)

instead of sudo make install type:

sudo checkinstall


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