Karmic NowarDevTeam is switching

Ok like always when there is alpha5 we switch.

and as i can see here everything works.

even knetworkmanager… omg…but there is a but….

linksys and atheros driver are freaking drivers… i mean the kernel drivers…
rt73usb and ath5k.
well the issue is this when i restart my pc they don’t want work.

so the most of time i thought it was a knetwork stuff
instead it’s a kernel issue….

but i gotcha a trick…

if you have a fucking linksys or an atheros and your wifi before was working and now no you can try this way… yuo should try this way even if you haven’t see your wifi on line before.

turn off your pc
disconnect the plug
now click on start button (try to turn on the pc… that should be done because in this way the residual voltage will be used …)
now voltage should be used and your wifi card should work with open driver.

so turn on the pc and 🙂 tadaaa should work.
tested here on my computer.


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