vlc qdbus interface add track and delete track

i enjoyed when i understood some thing and i like very much when i get how to control via bash\qdbus vlc.

the first stuff you need it’s ENABLE QDBUS INTERFACE on vlc

go to Tools -> Preferences -> Show all -> Interface -> Control Interface and Enable DBus

then you can control vlc with this


qdbus org.mpris.vlc /TrackList org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.AddTrack “PATH OF THE FILE” 1

or for a streaming

 qdbus org.mpris.vlc /TrackList   org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.AddTrack    "mms://" 1 


qdbus org.mpris.vlc /TrackList   org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.DelTrack   0 

to see many other control you can run , like you can see in the picture…



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