Why linux is better than Vista and probably better than Seven

My sister’s husband is 40 years old and it has never loved computer and of course OS too.

Because of his son he has tried to learn something about computer to understand how to create videos and multimedia stuff like that , now then we are on the digital world so… everyone makes video and pictures and of course my nephew has tons of video and pictures.

So he went to buy a computer , he took an “HP somedevilthingseries” and it got windows sickVista.

1- Now it has an ultraPc with 4gb of ram and it is SLOW afters some months.

2 – he had taken some virus…. even with avast (-sticaz)

3 – he has a lots of HP STUPID STUFF that one doesn’t need

4 – he has not control on start-up time because Pc runs a lots of ridiculous applications

5 – he was confused on menu

6 – menu research is a pain in the ass i mean it doesn’t find browser ? or burn software if i try to search wtf is this?

well maybe someone can say well you can do this this this and this to solve your problems… well well well but my brother-in-low has not knowledges and he DOESN’T WANT THOSE KNOWLEDGES

Now i have waited a lots to install kubuntu on his system and i have done the job today in 20 minutes.

what’s it happen ?

– Every damned thing (hardware) works webcam wifi audio too.

– System it’s ultra ultra ultra fast

– he liked kubuntu 10.04 even if he has seen some crashes because right now it’s an ALPHA3

– he thinks it’s more easier than vista :

menu with a decent search-bar
no sick antivirus
no sick windows defender
no sick applications on startup
no sick messages about “no response application”
ultra easy way to install software he doesn’t need anymore to go on internet and surfing a lots to find a sick free-burner or whatever he needs

after some hours he called me and he said : hey man why the hell you haven’t installed this fucking buntu-story before?

i need to rid windows vista now i have everything and it’s working well with buntu-stuff i have just finished my video-story about Mattia (my nephew) and i have saved on external Hd with kdenlive.

what’s the name of this “program” ? Linux? wth is better than windows vista.
vista is a shit.

and if a complete noob say this … i guess … windows has a big big big big problem

why did i write probably better than seven? because i have seen it just few times and … omg it’s the same confusing stuff… bah…


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