“Network management disabled” after suspend to ram kubuntu 10.04






Istalling wicd-kde

install the wicd-kde client and daemon using this or if you want use netwokmanager

Fix network manager

NOTE YOU COULD NOT HAVE THIS FILE , this is only a check !

check if you have this file , cat /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
if you get

# This file is installed into /etc/NetworkManager, and is loaded by
# NetworkManager by default.  To override, specify: ‘–config file’
# during NM startup.  This can be done by appending to DAEMON_OPTS in
# the file:
# /etc/default/NetworkManager



edit the file like root  you can use sudo nano or kdesudo kate as you want

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

and replace false with true


Now as said here


sudo service network-manager stop

sudo mv /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.moved

sudo service network-manager start

you could not again on the sysbar knetwork manager so you can try loading it


another solution could be this one

kdesudo kate /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state

now put everything true 🙂


so now restarting network manager in another way 😀 like this

sudo service network-manager restart

20 Responses to “Network management disabled” after suspend to ram kubuntu 10.04

  1. Dude, This was a life saver for me on a sunday morning, GOD BLESS YOU AND THIS BLOG 🙂

    Sunday Morning and no wiresless is no fun at all…

  2. Cahdata says:

    WOW! many thanks bro… ^_^ You truly help me! Thank You!

  3. Roy says:

    Yeah!Thank you so much, that’s a stupid bug -.-”

  4. Guy Mac says:

    Saved the day; thanks.

  5. poleaxe says:

    topman ————- sorted in 3 mins after I realised/bashed head against!! Thankyou

  6. Sergei says:

    Haha… Sunday “morning” here in Chile…

  7. venil says:

    It’s a thursday here in the Philippines and another person is happy to enter web heaven :)Thanx dude!

  8. Ryan says:

    This fix has saved me many times in the past but it is not with a particular issue I am having. I am hoping that you can help. I have a Ubuntu Server Core 10.4 install that I just installed the Kubuntu-Desktop over. The server is still on and Apache/Subversion/etc are still running. I can ping the server from other computers and ifconfig is showing the correct address. However, my toolbar is still showing “Unmanaged” and this does not seem to be fixing the issue. I cannot ping anything from the server.

    Any ideas?


  9. nowardev says:

    unmanaged means you have a driver issue try to use your network card with other network manager like wicd-qt you can find on kde apps … If you are no a compile guy try with gtk-wicd… If with wicd-gtk you are not able to set you card …well for sure you have a driver issue….

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks for the advice but I actually fixed it last night. I edited /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf and changed networkenabled=false to true and set the default GW and it was up and running.

  10. sims says:

    I just can’t believe the moronic devs have not fixed this glaring bug. I mean, it’s such a pain. I would have expected one of thouse hundreds of updates to fix it, but no. This bug makes Ubuntu useless on portable devices. Nice work Ubuntu – truly gay.

    • Pedro Alves says:

      Learn to code and fix it yourself. Or pay someone to do it for you. The “moronic devs” have any obligation to scratch your itches.

      • nowardev says:

        well there are bugs and bugs networking bugs SHOULD BE FIXED as soon as there is a solution. Why? because yesterday i was in maverick and i get the problem… Now i had not a cd neither an usbstick you can’t rel ease a cd with a network bug after there is solution so easy like this one..because you are releasing something that doesn’t work at all if you suspend…network is one of the most important thing on linux without that you can’t get support

  11. Thomas says:

    Thanks… made my day 🙂

  12. SteveD says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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