audio problem with kubuntu 10.10?

If with 10.04 you get no audio probblems you can be sure pulse is your enemy, well for some card it could be the driver… but now with the new versione 10.10 we  get the crappy pulse build in the distro…

a possible solution could be this one i have not tested yet but mamarok (kdeforumadmin)have said me that pavucontrol  paprefs  paman ( pulseaudio controller preferences ,manager NOTE THEY ARE GTK!!! ).

are not installed on kubuntu and so… you get the problem so you could install it (and try to reboot?)  if it doesn’t work …. you can try to remove pulse and use only alsa that is what 99% of users need to record audio and make video tutorials or video editing .

If you can’t get your audio card work and you think pulse is right for you just reinstall it .. but… normal user can use only alsa….

it should be enough this  (if not search on kpackagekit pulse and remove every packages related to pulse.)

sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio


pkill kmix && sudo alsa force-reload && kmix

now go on systemsettings —-> multimedia and set everystuff on alsa or you audio card i have alc861vd for example …

see my systemsettings

now check kmix it should use alsa now.


btw if your problem  still persist on your computer check this

lsof | grep pcm


this comand will list your the applications that are currently using your audio card so… just kill them all and try again with a single program to test your speakers


One Response to audio problem with kubuntu 10.10?

  1. removing pulse:
    great! I have my string instruments working again. 😀

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