Automatize kdenlive!

Better than an article

the software that i have done

reccomended kdenlive version 0.7.8


4 Responses to Automatize kdenlive!

  1. Tomer says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t know if this is still of interest for you but I have tried to get use of this feature on an Arch with LXDE. I’m not really that good in scripts but I managed to use it from the terminal. Out of the box this is a really cool script with huge potential. Lately I have seen a lot of automatic editing software, the latest was Google+ awesome movies which takes a bunch of images, videos and pick up from each video a short snapshot then the software combines everything into a really cool sideshow. all this in about 5-10min tops.

    So here was my thought can you take your cool script and add to it a images and then randomly enter them in to the kdenlive time line? it will make the most coolest feature.

    All I will have to do then is add music…


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