Nokia left Linux for windows !? Hp left windows for Linux Kernel … Microsoft ceo OhOh Houston we get a serious problem

WebOs will replace Windows. WebOs is linux kernel. + proprietary Ui .  so i guess windows is not so powerfull like before…

====> that means… you will be able to install kubuntu or any distro on the market on HP  laptops very easily

Some thought :

  • hp is a strong company and has chosen  linux and has a great market growing his market adding phone branch and tablet branch
  • hp has printers
  • hp has phones
  • hp has personal computers
  • hp has tablet
  • hp has linux derived Os
  • Money that HP does on the hardware can be used for the Os
  • Microsoft is a strong company but it is losing market for his monopoly but the money is made only for each computer sold with windows so no computer = no money for microsoft
  • APPLE  is what Microsoft  should be, no  silly virus *_* ,no confusing ui ,
  • mac os and windonws os basically are  instruments that can not be customized easily, bugs that can not be fixed in few time


  • nokia is a   company that is losing market (10%) and stock value
  • nokia has left the future with linux for windows mobile.
  • nokia has symbian 3 .
  • nokia ceo said  he has his direction has clear what microsoft an nokia are doing, instead before there was not this idyll,  but i guess the one that doens’t know what is doing is the nokia ceo. both symbian an windows i guess is a mess .


  • a Strong company that is  growing will use use linux and will leave windows
  • Nokia instead the opposite way. so i guess nokia is weak and will die soon
  • windows is dieing much more faster than what i had thought

Who the hell use linux?


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