Configure kubuntu for everyone

How to use this ?

there are gif animated photos =====> click on the picture to see

Well you could just do everything even if you have a nice ultrafast machine but.. i guess it’s not usefull to remove features and candy if you have that machine.

Anyway under some conditions you could want to decrease the ram usage, that could mean more battery for example.

Disable Semantic Desktop search

The most of time you would like disable only akonadi and nepomuck and stringi for that you need only to do this

Disabling Kwin effects

Disable the Oxygen Animations

Kde is very candy and beautiful with all these animations on menus but.. it could be too much heavy , i think to the netbook for example. So how to disable them ?

Disable Akonadi

kate ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc

set startserver=false

kate ~/.config/akonadi/agentsrc

after that this


replace akonadi with  #akonadi ; thsi will disable the istances you want disable .

Configure qt engine

sudo apt-get install kde-config-qt-graphicssystem && kbuildsycoca4

then go on system settings and set raster (FOR SOME VIDEO CARD PLASMA COULD CRASH reset to XRENDER IF IT HAPPENS )


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