Panels javascripts

Download and install my panels

This is a semi-tutorial
how to : get the parameters to create your own panel with javascript

Here instead there is a list of javascript that can help you to create your own script for panels or just use them to get your preferred panel in few second

you have only to TYPE:

ALT + F2

and write in the text box :

desktop console

then copy and paste the javascript and click on execute

add Unity panel

4 Responses to Panels javascripts

  1. Ciao, complimenti per il blog. Finalmente ho trovato una buona risorsa su KDE, anche se molte cose sono ben oltre il mio livello. Ho anche trovato finalmente una risposta al problema della connessione disabilitata dopo un suspend/hibernate finito male. Per la cronaca è successo sia su Kubuntu Lucid sia su Ubuntu Maverick.
    Ripasserò di qui spesso. 😀

  2. Sorry, my fault. Looking at the conf files you posted I understood you’re Italian but, yes, you chose to blog in English and that’s how I should have commented.
    Summarizing my previous comment: I’m glad I found a good resource for KDE, namely for Kubuntu, configuration.
    See you soon.

  3. I would very much like to discuss the Panel matter in KDE (4.9.4+) with you under 4 eyes.
    Could you find time to contact me? You have my email adres.
    Looking forward. I have the crazy panel etc. menu working, which goes very well indeed.
    I do have 2 question still, maybe you hve ideas or solutions…
    Looking forward to hear,
    Dr. John v. Kampen · Granada, España

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