FFmpeg compile it on kubuntu


Something you should know If you see on the configure script Configure many times you see –enable-shared and –prefix=/usr/local/ why?

why you should use –prefix=/usr/local?

to avoid some problems with libraries, for example

you have installed libxyz from a debian package, if you install a new version it will be overwrite from your installation (manually compiled.)

the most of configure script has this –prefix=/usr/local option   because of /usr/local/bin has higher priority on /usr/bin in the case of binary .

so for example we can have

/usr/local/bin/script  *

/usr/bin/script  *

if you type on konsole script it will be loaded the one that is on the folder /usr/local/bin/


When  should i use –enable-shared

Software like kdenlive use ffmpeg so they need to know where libraries are in order to use them … so YOU NEED TO ENABLE THIS OPTION , if you don’t kdenlive will use the SYSTEM FFMPEG that typically is installed on /usr/bin…. so kdenlive will not use the new ffmpeg.. with the newest features… on /usr/local but there is more one thing …

with “shared” option you could get errors if you have installed via sudo apt-get install ffmepg like

 error while loading shared libraries: libavutil.so.50: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

try this to solve.

sudo apt-get remove –-purge ffmpeg   libavcodec-unstripped-52 libavdevice-unstripped-52 libavformat-unstripped-52 libavutil-unstripped-49 libpostproc-unstripped-51 libswscale-unstripped-0

So and if i want test newest ffmpeg ? and keep the system ffmpeg ?

OF course you can ….
1 install the ffmpeg with sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
2 compile your ffmpeg without –enable-shared and with –prefix=/usr/loca/
3 if you have compiled here $HOME/src/ffmpeg/ffmpeg DO NOT RUN sudo make install , test it with


4 now that your ffmpeg works fine you can save it and use it from konsole without problems just edit this

 kate ~/.bashrc 

add this line

 alias tffmpeg='$HOME/src/ffmpeg/ffmpeg' 

update the bashrc for the current terminal with

 source ~/.bashrc 

now type this 🙂


now your system will use tffmpeg 🙂

HOW To FIX FFMPEG on Kubuntu 12.04 system COMPILING

https://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/ffmpeg-12-04/ note that  i have not used enable-shared and usr/local

HOW To FIX FFMPEG on Kubuntu 12.10 system COMPILING

https://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/ffmpeg-12-10/ note that i have not used enable-shared and usr/local

3 Responses to FFmpeg compile it on kubuntu

  1. mohanohi says:

    I saw your script of Kdenlive. Its really cool. Lot of importing and doing transition work is automated! I think you have nailed the way Kdenlive XML works. Is it possible for you to convert Cinelerra XML files into Kdenlive XML?

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