Desktop Share with kde VNC kubuntu 12.04

If you have a problem with your pc and you have a geek friend you can use this method to solve your problem

you need of :

  1. first of all you need to set well your router , if you have not just install the gui for the firewall
  2. start the server with krfb : this will start the server
  3. your friend should use  KRDC  if he use kde4 : this is a client for desktoop sharing

so here we are some screenshot about these 3 steps


here there is my router netgear it has been configured to allow always a connection on the port 5900 and it direct the connection to lan computer that it will be your computer. ((for the firewall if you have not a router there is the gui ))

if you have not just add the rule ….with this



now you have configured your router \ firewall you need to run on your computer krfb and add a New Personal Invitation


Now on your friend computer you need to run a client for this stuff so just run KRDC  AND give to him your ip just like in this screen shot

so when he will click enter the system will ask to you to accept the connection and to him the password



so you will get this and you can leave your friend to solve your problem  END !

One Response to Desktop Share with kde VNC kubuntu 12.04

  1. IP is visible in the title bar!
    Do you think this way is safer than Teamviewer (if you ever used it)?

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