Very Important chat.

This was a part of my chat with aseigo and i HAVE TO SAVE IT  because i can recognize that is well said and important

<aseigo>your  blog entry, while it may have felt REALLY GOOD to write it and get it all out, probably doesn’t add much of value to the world
<aseigo> your panels collection, though, has made lots of other people happy and satisfied
<aseigo> and the discussions you and i have had about where to go with it, i’ve enjoyed and found energy from it
<aseigo> and i think that if more of us worked from positives to improvements that you wouldn’t ever feel the need to write such a blog entry again 🙂
<aseigo> the way to achieve improvement is not through the critique we keep seeing
<aseigo> it is by doing what you’ve done with your panel collection -> doing something positive filled with your own joy in the direction you believe in


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