How to share files with samba under kde kubuntu : “Timeout on server workgroup” and ect

First of all you need to know that if you are using linux-linux samba is not required to share files … you can easily share files with other methods :

1) direct connection ethernet ethernet  (VERY VERY FAST BUT COMPUTERS MUST BE CLOSE)
2) Computers are very far \ in 2 different places  => ssh 

ssh and dolphin  you can read about ssh here

samba is very useful if you want share files with windows or macos anyway

Sharing files kubuntu-windows via Samba

Make sure you have installed (without this you will not able to see the menu on right click …)

 sudo apt-get install samba kdenetwork-filesharing libpam-winbind winbind  

Make sure you are on samba group: (typically without this you will not be able to right click and share folders , you can try but if you launch dolphin from konsole you will see the error that will say : you have not persmissions or something like that )

 sudo adduser $USER sambashare 

now restart samba

 sudo smbd restart

so you will be able to see something like this RIGHT CLICK ON A FOLDER YOU WANT SHARE


Tipically you could get this shit on dolphin>network>samba share :

** note without libpam-winbind winbind you will not be able to see your computer on sambashare folder but you can browse them with using like url “smb://192.168.0.XX” where XX could be 2 3 etc etc

HOW TO FIX “Timeout on server workgroup” :

now you need to fix a bug of ubuntu , yea the must annoying issue is because ubuntu doesn’t care about kde users.

  kdesudo kate /etc/nsswitch.conf 

add wins before dns as you can see here

hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] wins dns mdns4

and restart samba again

 sudo smbd restart

and here how it should look like

If you need to use non guest user after you have fixed all the stuff do :

pdbedit -a -u

that will create a samba user . NB I DID NOT TESTED THIS . IT WAS IN A COMMENT DOWN HERE .for more informations link to archwiki

4 Responses to How to share files with samba under kde kubuntu : “Timeout on server workgroup” and ect

  1. João Vidal says:

    I’m trying to browse the shared folder with Dolphin in ‘smb:/’ and even selecting ‘allow guests’ it keeps asking for a user/pass. The Kubuntu user/pass does not work.
    What should be done in this case?

    • nowardev says:

      are you sure you are on samba groups ? did you restart samba?you should not need to set samba password … if you have a fresh new installation without stupid editing of million of things you can fix the issue on kubutnu for sure like reported in this article

      another tip :

      run dolphin via konsole you should be able to read some stuff

    • Fouad says:

      I know the post is outdated but i’ll cite the answer just for reference. I found your blog interesting and it’s too bad that it lacks information for non guest shares. I hope it helps…
      For non guest connexion to work, you need to create a samba user with pdbedit (“man pdbedit” for more information).

      “sudo pdbedit -a -u ”

      you will be asked for your sudo password, and then a prompt will ask you to introduce a new password for the newly created samba user.
      I create a user name and password just as my system to not be confused with many logins, but you can choose whatever user/pass you like.

      source :

  2. Great site! Dolphin can be made a root-application by the-> menu editor->system->dolphin.
    First Copy+Paste the existing ‘user’-Dolphin that sits there. The copied one now can be renamed, f.ex. Dolphin-R. When you click=select “Dolphin-R” a window appears. Next to the ‘General’ tab is an ‘Advanced’ tab. Use that tab and change ‘Run as different user’ to root…
    Then SAVE !! Leave the menu editor, that’s all. Now you can select a root-ready Dolphin, that opens in ‘/’. Via the there available Home folder you can access the user Home folder, not by selecting the Home folder from Dolphins left-sided menu……!

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