FFmpeg Service Menu for Dolphin and kde kubuntu

I think that conversions are one of the most important thing on a computer
-because you use different devices
-every year video and photos are much more used than year before
-everybody use youtube , and it’s quite fuckin boring upload large files

i did some converters but unluckly the interpreter i used was dropped by his own developer so.. i did the last job , i guess \ hope, because i used BASH wtf 2500 lines of shit anyway 😀 , i like bad words ,

FFmpeg service menu for dolphin

and here it is :

you can find the script here


to load it just

chmod +x

./ffmpeg-peace-service-menu -mx

that stands for menu with X 😛

./ffmpeg-peace-service-menu -wx

without X

it needs of love 😀 but i will be integrated on dolphin


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