How to Play your Mic equalized \filtered with vlc

I have spent 6 euros to get a microphone for pc and i get a very crappy mic so … i would like hear what is happening around my house …. i used it , but there was a lots of noise , you know the background noise cars etc etc … and you would ask me wtf you need to hear what is happening around your house ? well it’s just a securety issue just that

this noise is low frenquency noise and i had no idea how to filter this shit in live mode… untill i have discussed with my irc friend : we find out to get this very easily with jack and vlc.

First of all you need to check to get all the shit you need to get this crap working properly 😀

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-jack qjackctl

for newer version of vlc you need to set audio settings like this , tools===> preferences ==>audio ===>output module ==>JACK output module LIKE you can see here


now run vlc >>media>>capture device >> and see the picture here

run qjackctl and click on connect , make sure you have only ONE microphone connected , i mean it’s mono…. and of course now you can listen your own mic equalized with vlc equalizer

cutting out the low frequency band you can get a good sound for human voices you need to play around with some settings on vlc but i ma sure you can get the job done!

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