pacman alias with autocomplete

alias u="sudo pacman -Syy"
 alias g="sudo pacman -Syu"
 alias i="sudo pacman -Sy"
 alias pi="pacman -Qii"
 alias r="sudo pacman -Rs "
 alias p="sudo pacman -Rn"
 alias s="pacman -Ss"
 alias c="sudo pacman -Sc"
 alias h="echo \"
 u=sudo pacman -Syy
 g=sudo pacman -Syu
 i=sudo pacman -Sy
 pi=pacman -Qii
 r=sudo pacman -Rs
 p=sudo pacman -Rn
 s=pacman -Ss
 c=sudo pacman -Sc\"
 COMPREPLY=( $( pacman -Sl | cut -d " " -f 2 | grep ^$cur 2> /dev/null ) )
 return 0
complete -F peacefun $filenames pi
 complete -F peacefun $filenames i
 complete -F peacefun $filenames s
 complete -F peacefun $filenames p
 complete -F peacefun $filenames r
alias adduser="sudo usermod -aG"

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