Kubuntu vs Archlinux + kde VS kaos vs chackra linux on 5 years old pc

First of all i have installed archlinux years ago … and now i have to say that there is not ncurses installer. you need to install your system from terminal and it’s a pain.



it’s very easy, too easy. and everything has worked fine , just the wifi was not installed properly but you can install the system, and it’s well configured.

the driver installer has not worked properly on my broadcom 4306. like always i ahve to extract the firmware and this is boring.


PRO : the installer it’s very stable and it works out of the box even in the installation you have no problem
CON : you have not wifi detected properly so no internet , if you have not an ethernet connection, it seems slower than other archlinux but it has enabled by default desktop effects … if you disable them you will see something of good


very good support for the hardware even better than kubuntu infact wifi was detected and usable , yes it was usable without any operation in the live section, the problem on manjaro it’s the screen if you don’t move your mouse for a while you get a black screen and you are not able to get it back.

the installation failed … because of this



i tried the graphical way that is an alpha and i got it installed pretty good on my old computer , i found that /dev/sda3 was mounted :S(WHY WTF?) so the ncurses installer was failing for this reason.


Problem using the system


problem that is not present on kubuntu 13.04 it’s this yes blue flash! with ati xpress200 ? wtfffff


another problem that on kubuntu there is not it’s the touchpad not well configured i can’t scroll down or up properly in the area where it supposed to


PRO : you have a system that is connected to internet and you can solve your problems, this is very handy , and it’s even better than kubuntu.

CON : you have problems of configuration, that will be pain in the ass , a lots of time to solve this shit. if you get you screen black you can die it will not come back.

kaos it’s a very easy task but unluckily i was not able to finish the installation .. and this is an old pc … kubuntu has always run well so this is bad

another bad thing that i have seen on kaos it’s the screen after a while it went black and i was not able to get it back with touchpad … but i was be able to get the screen back with ALT F2

wifi was not working properly (live usb stick)
touchpad was not workin properly, scroll area was not working.(live usb stick)
sd reader was not working


the installation it’s very similar to KAOS, and even here i had the problem of the black screen when i was installing the system and i was not be able to get back it even with ALT F2 I WAS NOT ABLE this is not the best thing to have in an installation ….
and after this … another block in the installation to 40 % like you can see here


wifi was not working properly (live usb stick)
touchpad was not workin properly, scroll area was not working.(live usb stick)
sd reader was not working properly (live usb stick)


even in arch i had the wifi problem , so it was a really pain try to install the firmware … i tried to do that but i needed to read the firmware from my sd card …. but look i have seen archlinux just going crazy when i put my sd into the reader ….in this kubuntu this sd card and reader just work …

sd problem

because only manjaro was able to be installed without problems on this old computer i have tested the mother of these arch derived distro on another computer where kubuntu was already installed properly .


first of all just see these screenshot archlinux and kubuntu had the same software installed : kde-full + kwinbuttons applet , archlinux = every pacakge you can install from standard repo , they are less than kubutnu , + some plasma widget from aur.

now this is ubuntu


this is archlinux


so when someone says that kubuntu is heavier than archlinux he just is saying lies.


another mite that you will read it’s this :

SPEED on i7 8 gb of ram you WILL NOT SEE THE DIFFERENCES but….

pacman is faster …. sure it is but you will not find every package that you will find in debian sid for example or in kubuntu … so you need to use yaourt so… compile xD so …. if you need soemthing that is not in your standard repo you have to wait and compile your software. and then you can install it.

but there is another issue about that:

if you ask to archlinux channel if you can use aur you will get this answer: “it’s not safe” they have described in a way that i can synthesize in this way : e it’s like a ppa on kubuntu so not fully supported.

This is an issue on archlinux because if you have some software that you need you are forced to use AUR instead on kubuntu you have it and it’s supported by the devs-team.

another thing … you can search packages with

pacman -Ss  key

if you want to install every packages that starts with kdeplasma-*wtf  on apt you can do : sudo apt-get install kdplasma-*wtf

 you get them all in pacman you have to do a bash script to do that … WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

in archlinux channel they have said me :

pacman -S $(pacman -Sql | grep ^mykey)

i have made my own solution …. and here it is :



kubuntu 13.10

has recognized everything without problems. it was a brilliant installation. no pain no gain vera de milo !

vera de milo


first of all you need to read the fucking wiki and this is not so straight forward as you could think … for example (mbr vs gpt for example ), if you don’t read very VERY CAREFULLY their wiki you will not get a system properly installed in your machine.

yes you can fix that but how many fucking pages you have to read to install a fucking distro?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. — Leonardo da Vinci”

yes he was right , and if you don’t understand that arch is not simply you are an idiot.

“in short: an elegant, minimalist approach.”

For me a system that force you to use a path it’s not a simple system it’s a dictatorial system , you are forced to read a lots of stuff , you are forced to a path.

“archlinux could be an elegant, minimalist,…”
Sure…. minimalist? or lack of human pawer ? why for example don’t leave to user the job to compile everything ? why ? it’s minimalism or not? For me the truth here it’s this :

we have not men power ,so for us, devs of archlinux, the best choice it’s to create a system that will require few work to be maintained ===> this leads to a system that it’s all text\conf files.

I had the feeling, using arch and installing it , to be between 1990 and 2000 and not in in 2013 … and thinking about that .. crap … in 1997-1999 linux was very very rough with command line tools that were the only way to get internet connection , alsa properly installed ,xorg.conf needed to be edited for mouse display etc … well i have edited xorg.conf in 2009 for my wacom https://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/04/26/wacom-graphire-4-usb-kubuntu-904/

anyway back to arch… maybe someone could say hey archlinux is made to learn how the stuff works!!

But let me say that if you have 7 years of linux on your shoulder you just know how the stuff work, you already know that there is the fucking conf file to edit … to read the fuckin manual … but you have not so much time , maybe you have to do something else… and you don’t want read a book to install another distro that is different for some idiotic stuff

yes one time i have edited apt conf ,xorg.conf etc files manually but now on 2013 you have to do that manually ? no of course  it’s a kind of disease  to be forced to  edit configs file with a text editor …. so why one should edit lightdm conf file to be able to use lightdm-greeter-kde ?ah the archway …

one example ? well try to do waht they say here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installation_Guide

so install the base system….

pacstrap /mnt base

after you have installed the base system you should think like a normal person that in this “base” package there is everything that you need to install your software and to start something with archlinux but…… try to reboot after the installation and run


what it said ? you have not dialog install it .. ok i had not a ethernet connection right now so now?

reboot again in archlinux live usb —- install dialog package …. reboot

try again wifi-menu

what it said? you have not wpa-supplicant

reboot again in archlinux live usb —- install the fucking wpa-supplicant package …. reboot

finally you can get the fucking connection and you can work.

so the base system has not all the dependencies installed properly. this means the base package is made like an asshole

and this kind of installation is well done ? i mean the tutorial is written well ? wtf NO

now that you have the fucking base system do you think that you can try to install your fucking DE without problems ? NO

pacman -Syu kde

but do you think that it will work fine? NO

… the fuckin surprise …. qdbus is not installed, well if i install kde that uses qdbus i want qdbus like dependence instead noooo you have to install this fucking stuff


another example i was configuring pulse audio … so reading i was trying to do :


do you think it has been installed properly? NO you need to install a dependencies like said here


cups …

i have installed cups and on archlinux you need to be root to add a printer .. well this is only for idiot … i don’t care if upstream it’s in this way , because in upstream it’s in this way that doesn’t mean you have use the same way.

look at this :


after googling and askin in archlinux’s channel i was to able to … get another error xD


let me say that this is very stupid issue who cares about printers ? if i install cups i want print , and i want be able to add remove a fuckin printer without read tons of documentations to start the fuckin cups server.


kubuntu :

devs make sure you will get a package that will work out of the box with kde.

archlinux :

many project are made to work by default with a DE for example lightdm that is configured to start lightdm-gtk-greeter so if you use kde you need to edit that …

bluetooth is a pain on arch because they have installed bluez 5.11-1 on archlinux’s channel they have said that it’s this version that is not fully compatible with bluedevil …. it works to work but not fully.

on kubuntu you have bluez 4 so it works no issues.



1 the sentence “kubuntu is unstable it doesn’t work it has outdated applications” it’s a mere speculation, you can work with kubuntu even with alphas in my opinion.

2 you can test the latest kde applications with project neon without problems\ with few problems

3 installing codecs it’s a simple step in the installation

1 you need to understand a crazy way to install it
2 you need to understand a lots of , unnecessary , low level things
3 you need of a lots of time to get it on the road , at least the first time
4 you need as always to install codecs flash and stuff like that and you need to know how to do it
5 a lots of software it’s not included in the standard repository
6 if you want install gnome you will get less problems if you change desktop keep in mind that you will get more problems
7 if you you want zero problem check groups because i was not able to use the fukcing kde network manager because i was not on network group….
8 if you install archlinux you will not get something of better than kubuntu + ppa projectneon.

the last thoughts that is mine personal thought :

archlinux is for nerds that loves conf files and lost their time to reads fucking manuals created from idiots.

and this article is written without ttranslator i did not even checked it again. so it’s written bad ?! fuck off.



2 Responses to Kubuntu vs Archlinux + kde VS kaos vs chackra linux on 5 years old pc

  1. soraya says:

    how old are you?

    • nowardev says:

      there is no point to ask how old are you … the point it’s that who uses archlinux is always reading before to upgrade and fix the system because something is too new to be stable. So good for experiments good to learn but nothing more than debian if you want learn and get something of stable in the time. I am using kubuntu since years in this pc and it just works. Lts of course.

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