flash pulseaudio jack kde linux kubuntu

flash player on chromium
pulseaudio default installation

i had the need of running jack and listen some stuff from webbrowser , youtube, but in the default installation of kubuntu well pulseaudio is running without jack support.

that means you are not able to listen music if you have not installed pulseaudio-module-jack


sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-jack qjackctl

after that you need to restart pulseaudio

sudo service pulseaudio restart

if you have not service then just do this …

pkill -9 pulseaudio && pulseaudio &

ok now you have what you need to run jack flash pulseaudio together.




you should see something like this, click to CONNECT TO SEE THE SECOND WINDOW, if there are no connections then do by yourself …



Kde mixer, forget kmix shit

install veromix widget , if you have already installed and like me added to sytray widget , REMEMBER TO REMOVE AND RE-ADD VEROMIX , infact after we restarted pulseaudio this widget need to be refreshed or you will not be able to see JACKSINK .. you should understand this after some screenshot.

infact we need to move the output device for chromium from BUILD-IN AUDIO ANALOG STEREO to JACK SINK(PulseAudio JACK Sink)  if you don’t do this flash player will be mute even if it seems to  work

HERE A SCRENSHOT : click near the  CHROMIUM PLAYBACK SLIDER in the veromix ===> MOVE TO ===>


SELECT===>> JACK SINK(PulseAudio JACK Sink)



ok maybe you want use even a player i use vlc so this is the work you have to do :

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-jack

now vlc has jack support

configure vlc to use jack


click play on your music

enjoy ! jack pulseaudio flash vlc running without problems !

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