desktop console on plasma shell

the new command for plasma shell:

qdbus org.kde.plasmashell /PlasmaShell org.kde.PlasmaShell.showInteractiveConsole

the old command for plasma desktop :

qdbus org.kde.plasma-desktop /MainApplication showInteractiveConsole


and of course API ARE BROKEN …. HERE THERE IS AN EXAMPLE …. -.-‘

    var panel = new Panel
    panel.screen = 0
    panel.location = 'bottom'
    var kickoff = panel.addWidget("org.kde.plasma.kickoff")
    kickoff.currentConfigGroup = ["Shortcuts"]
    kickoff.writeConfig("global", "Alt+F1")
    for (var i = 0; i < screenCount; ++i) {
        var id = createActivity("sticaz");
        var desktopsArray = desktopsForActivity(id);
        for( var j = 0; j < desktopsArray.length; j++) {
            desktopsArray[j].wallpaperPlugin = 'org.kde.image';
            //var clock = desktopsArray[j].addWidget("org.kde.plasma.analogclock");

4 Responses to desktop console on plasma shell

  1. Sys says:

    Mmm… in Kubuntu 14.04, with KDE 4.13.2:
    $ qdbus org.kde.plasmashell /PlasmaShell org.kde.PlasmaShell.showInteractiveConsole
    Service ‘org.kde.plasmashell’ does not exist.

    Perhaps some information should be added 🙂

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