android mouse wifi ? “kde connect” 0.7.2 kubuntu 14.04


ok this shit doesn’t work on kubuntu 14.04 ?

install this in your phone

now the problem it’s this
i have kubuntu 14.04 and it comes with Version: 0.5.1-0ubuntu1 for kde connect that has a bad bug : mouse simulation doesn’t work “Touchpad with multi-touch support for right click and middle click.”

so now just download the new version 0.7.2 and i will compile it

this line does the job for you

sudo apt-get build-dep kdeconnect #download dependencies

download , untar , cmake ,make and make instal in /usr/local with multicore support if you have . files are in /tmp folder

tempfolder="/tmp"; link=""; cd "$tempfolder" ; wget $link ; tar -xJf kdeconnect*.xz ; cd kdeconnect*/; mkdir build ;cd build ;  cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr/local .. ; make -j $(grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo) ; sudo make install

then restart the kdeconnectd ,ALT F2 => pkill kdeconnectd ; kdeconnectd

now make sure you have the touchpad option in systemsettings => kde connect =>

ok now you have the wifi mouse in your android phone.


3 Responses to android mouse wifi ? “kde connect” 0.7.2 kubuntu 14.04

  1. mmnnrr rrr says:

    thanks for sharing this solution 🙂

  2. graw says:

    I followed the steps you wrote out, but have no option to enable the touchpad control

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