Scan Multiple Pages from linux HP kubuntu kde

you got a hp-photosmart  that can scan from the top -multiple pages-? ok there are 2 ways or use my service menu or just follow below here



service menu  DOWNLOAD IT HERE then untar and just run the installer with ./install

homepage of the project


ok you can use this

hp-scan --adf -o /tmp/mymultipages.pdf


and of course put your pages here


if you have not an hp well you can try this shit

scanimage -b --batch-count=n --source ADF

In my hp photosmart it will not care of n parameter and it runs until it has pages with this last message

scanimage: sane_start: Document feeder out of documents

it will create out-n.pnm file which is a photo format that you can covert into a pdf if needed just with this

convert *.pnm outfile.pdf

Rotate pdf

Rotate of 90 degrees clockwise just pages 9 and 10

pdftk INPUT.pdf cat 9-10east output out4.pdf

rotate of 90 degrees anti-clockwise pages 1 to 11 less 9 and 10

pdftk INPUT.pdf cat 1-11~9-10west output out3.pdf

                Page Range Examples without Handles:
1-endeast – rotate entire document 90 degrees
5 11 20 – take single pages from input PDF
5-25oddwest – take odd pages in range, rotate 90 degrees
6-1 – reverse pages in range from input PDF
1-20~5-6 – equal to 1-4 7-20 or 1-20~5~6
~5 – all pages except page 5. Depending on your shell, you need to quote this because of the ~ at the beginning.

Merge pdf

pdftk  1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf  cat output finale.pdf

Convert Multiple pdf pages into images

it will create automatically several images jpg from your silly pdf file called hello-1.jpg hello-2.jpg etc etc

convert file.pdf hello.jpg

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