Kde Pulse microphone settings, change microphone on the fly

I was using some software that uses microphone , and i had some problems , for example on palava.tv which is a service like skype o google talk you can  speak and see your friends for free, without registration.

So i had this problem , the default microphone was the internal one so ….i tried to change it on the icon , like you can see here , and i have even reloaded the page but microphone was always the internal one.


i knew that on gnome desktop you have the ability to change mic on the fly and i was searching a way to do the same on kde desktop , so i tried on system settings multimedia but it was not working at all .

so ?         SOLUTION

just install veromix and plasma script engine python  :

         sudo apt-get install plasma-scriptengine-python plasma-widget-veromix ladspa-sdk  swh-plugins 

add vermix to your panel and you will be able to change microphone on the fly , i will use palava.tv to show this feature .

so go here with chrome or chromium www.palava.tv/123testkdemic   now it will ask to allow or deny just use allow button , if you check VEROMIX now you will see RECORDSTREAM with chrome \chromoium icon just click on the ARROW ON THE RIGHT and click again on MOVE TO  ==> so you can select your preferred mic!

see heremicrophonechrome1


if you are searching to add LADSPA EFFECTS to veromix remember to install ladspa-sdk swh-plugins now you can just add an effect to your card it’s very handy to do filter a little bit your audio.

Arora kubuntu 9.04

sudo apt-get install build-essential git-core && sudo apt-get build-dep arora

git clone git://github.com/Arora/arora.git

** if you have NOT dual core replace make -j3 with make

cd arora && qmake “CONFIG-=debug” -r && make -j3

** EDIT: get errors on kubuntu? try this

cd arora && qmake-qt4 “CONFIG-=debug” -r && make -j3

try arora with this:


if it’s working good ———>

** you can use checkinstall instead of make install.. (it builds a .deb )

sudo make install