editing pdf on kde kubuntu

i needed to edit a pdf, just simple stuff add text to a single page so … i was wondering which program i should use on kubuntu ….

downloaded the pdf file then ….

krita document.pdf 🙂

it just works and you can add text or delete stuff it’s pretty simple and the most fast thing you could use on kubuntu

Krita the adobe photoshop for kde , FullScreen Mode

Wondering where is the fullscreen option in krita 2.1.2? i aspected to see it on view menu but i didn’t

Boud helped me 😀 i didn’t think to delete old configuration files .. deleted these files 😀 krita fixed  so…

**remember ~ can be write wtih  (ALT Gr + ì on italian keyboard if you have another keyboard search on google how to do … it’s pretty faster than write $HOME/.kde )

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kritarc && rm -R ~/.kde/share/apps/krita/

it’s pity krita has not an entry for fullscreen mode on “view mode menu  but Kwin has this feauture so.. there is not a problem anyways it seems on other version there is this feature it will be nice 😀

koffice krita kplato slow?

if your koffice applications are very slow….i have an intel 945gm….
try like it said here 🙂 for me has worked


The debug version of OpenGTL is very verbose. There is in the svn (and therefor, in the upcoming 0.9.3/0.9.4 versions) a better debug system, it’s now possible to control which libraries, files and functions can output debug, without the need to rebuild.

It’s controlled by a the ‘$HOME/.OpenGTLDebugConfig’ file.

To disable all output debug, you just need to add the three following lines:

GTLCore = false
OpenCTL = false
OpenShiva = false

To disable the debug output of a single file in GTLCore:

libraryname,filename = false



GTLCore,Type.cpp = false


To disable the debug output of a single function :




GTLCore,ParserBase_p.cpp,GTLCore::ParserBase::getVariable = false