Krita the adobe photoshop for kde , FullScreen Mode

Wondering where is the fullscreen option in krita 2.1.2? i aspected to see it on view menu but i didn’t

Boud helped me 😀 i didn’t think to delete old configuration files .. deleted these files 😀 krita fixed  so…

**remember ~ can be write wtih  (ALT Gr + ì on italian keyboard if you have another keyboard search on google how to do … it’s pretty faster than write $HOME/.kde )

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kritarc && rm -R ~/.kde/share/apps/krita/

it’s pity krita has not an entry for fullscreen mode on “view mode menu  but Kwin has this feauture so.. there is not a problem anyways it seems on other version there is this feature it will be nice 😀

Omaque || okular Comix Reader, for kde

You can choose okular or omaque,but…..  in few words omaque is okular with less buttons…

For me it’s a photo viewer because i have stored some pictures on zip or gz and this tools is what i need to see my stuff without ark.