BASH: How to check if your router has a door open

You want to check if your router has correctly open a door ?

k dude here we go

the fist get your ip from internet
the second command uses NMAP , sudo apt-get install nmap

it checks a range of port UDP and TCP from 20000 to 20001
brainless should not try this at home 😀 but with UDP THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS CODE SO SEE THE NEXT

ip=$(dig +short; nmap -p U:20000-20001,T:20000-20001 $ip 


 ip=$(dig +short; nmap -T5 -A -p 20000 -sU $ip

owncloud “.htaccess file has the wrong version. Please upload the correct version. Maybe you forgot to replace it after updating?”

fuck that , owncloud 8.0.2-wtf upgrade on raspian

go here

download the latest version so …

now see that there is the fucking .htaccess file ? you need to copy that file where you have the owncloud in my raspi here /var/www/owncloud and overwrite the your .htaccess file

then you can update normally owncloud from the browser ….